Aarhus Alpha Conference


I have together with Aarhus Design Bureau, Aarhus University and RPD International spent a couple of months in spring 2014 arranging a fantastic Conference here in Aarhus.

From Formula 1 cars to banking systems, we’re all looking at design. But we’re all looking at design in different ways, for different things. Alpha is an experiment. You’re not coming just to listen. You’re there to talk.

We’re bringing together figure heads from all areas of design, all around the world. From bespoke furniture, to mass produced toys, to user interface and back round to motorsports.

The event will cover the aspects of design and building a design centric company. The day is not dictated by the program, more by the audience. Each speaker will give a short presentation, before we open up the auditorium for extensive questions.

It’s not a lecture. It’s not a conference. It’s a 240 person, 8 hour, international design conversation.

Article from Jyllands Posten about the conference here (Danish)

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