Shoe# – Cardboard shoe packaging

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This shop concept is made in collaboration with Karen Marx, Maja Thorning Kristensen og Simon Marxen.


Shoe# is based on the relationship between the inner and outer values of a brand and a specific product and changes the perception of how a brand presents its products. By using the standard shoebox in its basic form and pushing the limits of its application, we have tried to create a modular system that can be used in countless ways from production to consumer.


Shoe# is constructed in cardboard, which as a material is solid, easy to manipulate, is reusable and inexpensive. Cardboard has its very own unique aesthetics and can, when used with other materials such as concrete, wood and light, help to create an expression that has references to something both bohème, luxurious and modern.

By using these existing cardboard aesthetics, the shoe# has a shape that is a slightly twisted cubic with the logo carved from the outer most layer of the box, giving it a light and soft look.

Shoe # is also fitted with a handle in the box top that can be folded up and makes it easy to manage.

Shoe# also works as an interactive storefront. Below is a short video showing the basic technology behind the interaction.

Shoe# is still a prototype and not in production for any specific company or brand.

Download PDF (Danish)

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